Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in - Issues and Solutions

Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in – Issues and Solutions

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to outline some issues you may encounter when using Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in for import of data and provide solutions to resolve them.

Issue: “This operation is not supported for a relative URI”.

Reason: This issue occurs because AppFabric Service Bus endpoint is not configured. AppFabric Service Bus endpoints are similar to WCF endpoints. The only difference is that specific binding are used to communicate with relay service. The ‘sb’ represents the scheme used to communicate with the AppFabric Service Bus. The scheme can be either ‘http’ or ‘sb’ depending on the binding you are using. Endpoints can be configured in application configuration files or programmatically. Alternatively you can delete the endpoint if you don’t use it.

Dynamics AX Error

Solution: Please delete or configure ‘sb’ endpoint. ‘sb’ endpoint has no address defined which is treated by Dynamics AX Excel Add-in as relative URI. Below I show how to delete ‘sb’ endpoint.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility

Opening Microsoft Service Configuration Editor dialog

WCF Configuration Editor

Save Changes to WCF Configuration

Restart Excel

Author: Alex Anikiev, PhD, MCP

Tags: Dynamics ERP, Dynamics AX 2012, Excel, Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in, Data Import, Data Conversion, Data Migration, Application Integration Framework, Issue, Problem, Solution, Resolution.

Note: This document is intended for information purposes only, presented as it is with no warranties from the author. This document may be updated with more content to better outline the issues and describe the solutions.


  1. Hi Alex,

    i can't find a "sb" in WCF Configuration, but the error exists (The operation is not supported for a Relative URI). i have installed Axapta 2012 with Office 2010 and 2 AOS installed
    Can u help me solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Darwanto!

      Can you please open WCF Configuration Editor and check whether or not you have an Endpoint(s) with empty address or address that starts with "/" (relative). If you do have such Endpoint(s) please either configure them to have absolute address or remove them depending on their purpose. Absolute address should look like this: "net.tcp://.../...".

      When Excel Add-in starts it scans all WCF endpoints, in the case if at least one Endpoint will be found with empty or relative address you will have "Relative URI is not supported" error

      Please let me know about your findings


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hi Alex,

      Sorry for my late reply.

      i can't find any empty address or address that starts with "/" as you suggested.

      i have 2 server, one of it can run the Office-Addins, i will try to compare the WCF Configuration on both server. Will let you know if i find the different :)

      Thx for your reply


  2. Hi Alex,

    I have an issue when trying to add ProjTable to excel add-in to get the template "sequence contains no matching element". Do you have any idea to solve this?

    Ha Vu